What would you say you do here?

All my life, I've been something of a "jack-of-all-trades." Not to get all new-agey about it, but I like to see the interconnectedness of things and discern patterns. I also like to help people out of tough spots, and I like bringing order to chaos and dealing with the unexpected (which is why I think I like games so much, but I digress).


I've done a goodly amount of counselling to various people about their nascent ideas, or about the next steps they need to take to make their ideas real. I'll give you the unvarnished truth on whether an idea will work at all, how it might work "in reality", and what resources it will take to get your concepts to where they need to be. I promise never to create a job for myself - life is tough enough without another person trying to sell you a bill of goods. However, this has often lead me to ...


If it's within my power, I can transfer your idea into reality. I pride myself on building scalable solutions - my love of games have taught me that the best strategies arise from the course of the game itself rather than from your analysis of the game beforehand. In order to adapt to these changes, your code needs to be able to change with the prevailing wind without sinking the ship. Some of my previous clients are located here, in my portfolio.


As much as I enjoy working by myself, I enjoy working with people much more to build a collaborative environment. Sometimes that means wiring and setting up a network. Other times it means implementing processes for project management, staging and production servers, and versioning systems. Still other times I've had to run QA to help debug a product, or assist in the hiring of a team for a specific purpose. I've managed teams both inside and outside of the States, trying to keep things as "process light" as possible while keeping everyone in the system honest. In my experience, if you give people the right tools, they can build you marvels.

Mayday! MAYDAY!!

Bad things happen. People quit ... or are fired ... and things can go bad in a hurry. If you need someone to go in under high pressure and tight deadlines, I'm your man. I'll do what it takes to get you out of the woods and back on track.

That's pretty much it - near as I can tell, that's why I get up for work in the mornings. My experience has taken me from the corporate world to the non-profit sector to start-ups and beyond. Some of the problems and opportunities are the same, some are different, but I like to think I can help you work out anything that stands in your path.

Oh, and incidentally - I've had a lot of problems answering this question until I came across this site. He does some of the same things I do. But your money is better spent with me, obviously ;-)